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2000 Years of History

A 2200 year old shipwreck, filled with amphorae of Illyrian wine, found in a Bosnia and Herzegovina marsh in the summer of 2007, brings to mind ancient Mediterranean trade routes. Wine has always been a staple of this sun washed land, what was once called Illyria. The tradition of producing quality wine with local grape varietals continues today and “Wines of Illyria” is proud to bring them to you.

Fine wines from

The Shores of the Adriatic Sea

We import and wholesale fine wines from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and other Balkan countries and our list is constantly changing.

If you do not see what you want, contact us and we may surprise you.

Map of Ancient Illyria more than 2000 years ago

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​Quote of the Day

​It has been said that "only grapes grown on rocky or otherwise challenging land stay flavorful."

We offer a range of fine wines from the rocky vineyards of Bosnia & Herzegovina.