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We import and wholesale top quality spirits and wines produced from native varieties of the ancient Illyrian region. If you would like us to bring  additional products you are interested in, please contact us, and we will do our best to make it happen.

Map of  Ancient Illyria more than 2000 years ago

In vino veritas.                                                           In wine there is truth.                                                                                                           U vinu je istina.

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Illyrian Warship Liburna discovered in 2007

 2000 years of wine making history in this region

"A 2200 year old shipwreck, filled with amphorae of Illyrian wine, found in a Bosnia and Herzegovina marsh in the summer of 2007, brings to mind ancient Mediterranean trade routes. Wine has always been a staple of this sun washed land, what was once called Illyria. The tradition of producing quality wine with local grape varietals continues today and “Wines of Illyria” is proud to bring them to you" I.B.

With great pride, we present top quality wines produced in the rocky vineyards of sun washed Herzegovina, where the lime stone, minerals, herbs and Mediterranean sun are infused into every drop. Wine making enjoys an ancient and proud tradition in this land between the mountains and sea.

Wines have been produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia since the times of ancient Illyria. In 2007 archeologists discovered two Illyrian ships in the marshlands of Hutovo Blato-Wildlife Refuge near the town of Mostar. Sunk more than 2500 years ago, loaded with amphorae filled with Illyrian wine destined for distant ports, this find conjures romantic images of ancient Mediterranean trade routes and shows just how deeply the wine making tradition is rooted here.

Wine production continued in this region after the Romans defeated the last ruller of Illyria, Queen Teuta, in 168 BC. The front gate of the Roman Fortress Mogorjelo, built by Augustus Oktavian in the third century near the town of Capljina, is decorated with motifs of grapes and wine goblets. Long after the Roman empire was divided between east and west, evidence of the local wine producing tradition can be found on Stećci, medieval tombstones scattered over Bosnian’s mountain tops, which are decorated with motifs of grapes and vines.

In the 19th century, Austro-Hungarians invested heavily in Herzegovina wine making. They planted new and re-invigorated old vineyards of Blatina, Zilavka, Bena, Posip, Vranac, Plavac, Malvazija and other native sorts to produce the finest wines for the Vienna Hapsburg court.
​Viticulture in this region continues today, with vintners creating top quality wines of both international sorts and excellent local varietals. These are wines that were once only produced for royal consumption, but now available to a broader audience. Wines of Illyria is proud to introduce this ancient tradition of wine making to modern Austrians and Americans.Type your paragraph here.

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